2017: A Great Year of Shifting Into the IMPOSSIBLE


Angels are assembling around you in 2017, to observe how you respond to the battles which you are currently engaged in - to see whether you throw in the towel and give up on your impossible endeavors - or whether you will not be moved by the fickle and temporal opinions of men, and continue to believe for the impossible. It is time to thrust forward into HEAVENS TIMING and relax - believing God for a breakthrough to unexpectedly break forth at any moment. The battle is not over until the fat demon sings (or cries). Do not give up while you're on the razors edge of victory - position yourself now in the REST of God, and know that every past failure is simply a stepping stone to a greater breakthrough than you could have possibly imagined! (Romans 8:28)

Do not be distracted by the great clash between Light and darkness, and the chaotic raging of nations - for by even one simple wave of your hand in faith you can stop a war before a shot is fired - and by one simple act of obedience you can change the course of history.

Volcanoes which are about to catastrophically erupt will softly burp when your feet touch the soil of your destination - and the hills will laugh when you open your mouth and speak of the great wonders and excellence of the name of Jesus - who rules over the earth, the mountains and fault lines which dance across the land and seas. When you are on assignment fron the Commander of the armies of heaven, as your plane flies over the fault lines the chasms of the deep will suddenly become calm, and rivers of lava will be arrested and cerase from flowing pass the boundaries of the abyss.

Change is never comfortable - but like a butterfly breaking free from a cocoon, you must PRESS THROUGH in 2017 for the impossible! Do not quit praying. Do not quit broadcasting the word of the Lord around the world. New tchnologies are coming. And old technologies will be miraculously renovated. Do not let the enemy silence your voice, but continue to speak under the unction of the WIND of the Holy Spirit. Do not be distracted by the chaos around you, but have fun in it! STAND FIRM until the vision fully comes to pass!

Revival will soon breakforth in every nation - in the midst of great chaos and darkness. Do not criticize world leaders, but PRAY for them - for even the vilest dictator can be transformed in one hour as Saul was transformed into Paul. Do not come into agreement with words of war, nor respond with your own wisdom in a spirit of pride - but ask the PRINCE OF PEACE for heavenly wisdom in how to extend your hand in friendship and create impossible solutions.

Peace and prosperity are about to flow across the borders of nations which were once great enemies, if we can only make the choice to SHIFT into HUMILITY, PRAYER and OBEDIENCE to the instructions of the WIND of the Holy Spirit - of Whose directives are not always popular or politically correct - yet without which, war is inevitable.

Choose to NOT follow the same stream from whence you came, but to COME OUT of your old cocoon into a new realm of eternal possibilities - whereas nothing is impossible for God. As opposition to your endeavors increase in 2017, your angelic resources will also increase if you stand firm and not waiver. Laugh and learn as you meditate upon your past failures - again I say, LAUGH! For in the end, the enemy will not be laughing!

Timothy Snodgrass

Eleventh Hour